Thursday, February 27, 2014

VSWF Spotlight: What to See

Okay – so maybe you’ve never been to a spoken word show before. Maybe the last time you heard poetry was in your Grade 11 English class and Beowulf didn’t really do it for you. Maybe your friend really wants to go to this Victoria Spoken Word Festival, but you don’t know what to see.

Well read on my friend, because we’ve got you covered!

What is spoken word?
Spoken word is a HUGE category – it can include stand-up, hip-hop, monologues, storytelling and spoken word poetry. Basically, any oral performance (except that one you dirty human).

The Victoria Spoken Word Festival is primarily focused on spoken word poetry, although this year we’re also exploring stories as part of our theme ‘Inside Story’.

Does this look like poetry to you?
Spoken word poetry is poetry that has been written to be performed in person, on stage, out loud. It’s often rhythmic, engaging and easy to understand (because you only get to hear it once). It can play with sound, styles of speech and even personas or characters. It’s a pretty varied art form and a lot of fun to watch.

So what should I see?
Let us give you the skinny on each of the events at the Victoria Spoken Word Festival:

Storytime for Adults – Fairytales were never meant for children. If fresh takes on dark tales are your thing, you’ll love what the festival ensemble writes in under an hour. Also RC Weslowski performs his new solo show about a young boy falling in love with a phone book – ‘shit just got surreal’. Wednesday March 5th at Intrepid Theatre

Poeteers! – One word for you: puppets. PUPPETS! We’re pairing our festival ensemble with local puppeteers to create amazing collaborations. Did I mention there would be puppets? Thursday March 6th at Metro Theatre

Festival Ensemble Showcase – If you’ve never seen spoken word before, this is THE show to come to. All thirteen of our ensemble members will perform their best and hottest work. Friday March 7th at Metro Theatre

Festival Finale: Inside Story – Do you like taking risks? This show features some of the most innovative spoken word in Canada, from Poet of Honour Barbara Adler’s folk-punk accordion poetry to the festival ensemble’s brand-new group show, this show breaks all the rules and blows all the minds. Saturday March 8th at Metro Theatre

Public Workshop w/Barbara Adler – Feeling like trying this spoken word thing out? Then take this workshop with our Poet of Honour. Sunday March 9th at Intrepid Theatre

Wow! How do I get tickets to this mind-blowing festival?
Find out more info on all our events at

See you there!

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